Henry L. McAlevy   ~    Artist

 ~  About the Artist  ~ 
                      I have been an artist all my life!

       As a kid I was a bad speller but did great pictures.
  I didn't learn a lot but it was fun.  So, by the time I got to High School, drawing was what I had going for me.
    At Washburne Vocational High School in Chicago they gave me a drawing board, pencils, pens and ink and I was taught to turn ideas into pictures.  Anything from a soap dish to a sky scraper, the picture makes it understandable, tells it's story.  The better the image, the more successful the communication.  With that concept I earned a living.

   As soon as I started being paid for my drawing I looked around for new ideas, images and methods.  At community college in Chicago I took classes in architectural design, function and presentation.  I took my first oil painting lessons with Seymour Rosofsky, noted surrealist painter.  I learned still life and portrait painting at that time.  In the meantime my job with Barton-Aschman Associates city planners had me doing presentations of new city spaces, layouts and publications.  I had the title "Graphics Designer".  When I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1960, my art background came in handy.  I aced the maps  &  they loved my signs and planning presentations.  I got traded to headquarters and avoided some KP.

  The first thing I did after getting out of the army in 1962 was to go to the American Academy of Art, trade school for "commerical and fine arts".
    I studied with;
Vern Stake, fundamental illustration
Irving Shapiro, AWS water color painting
Vanden Broek, oil painting, portrait and life drawing

  After moving to Des Plaines, Illinois I involved myself in the local art activies and built a little studio.  Employed as draftsman and staff artist for the City of Des Plaines, I did a range of things from graphics, certificates, city seal, signage and the city flag, to a historic painting of the city hung in the lobby of city hall.

      All the while I did my personal art, my imaging in drawing and painting the people, places, things and ideas often
(and still are) a pleasant surprise to myself.  In 1973, I went to the School of the Art Institute to learn serigraphic printing for another view of my art.  Over the years I have associated with many creative groups and individuals.  I was able to study with Daniel E. Greene in his workshops for portrait painters and get his personal views on the creative process.  
       Being able to connect to  and associate with a veriety of artists has given me and continues to give me new ways to     approach my next effort. 

                                    It's always an adventure and continues to surprise........

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.